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"" Heaven has gained an angel…. Gone but never forgotten… " "

  • 63 Years Old
  • Born on Thursday, March 20 1958 in Kenya
  • Passed away on Thursday, November 18 2021 in NAIROBI

Hellen Khasoa Masinde Holi was born on 20th March, 1958, as the fifth child to Erastus Waluchio Masinde and Julia Khasandi Ngaira Masinde. Her siblings were the late Mary Mwaitsi Masinde, the late Joel Waluchio Masinde, Eng. Charles Wangila Masinde, Dr. Eliud Sakari Masinde, Richard Majisu Masinde, the late Janet Khakiti Wafula, Joseph Ngaira Masinde, and Pamela Khayasi Wafukho.
She was an active child who took after her father’s athletic prowess. She would sprint after her mother when she realized that she had left for the market without her. She would also run really fast when she was in trouble, and her father was trying to catch her for disciplinary action. She outran him many times, even managing to jump over the fence and shrubs on the farm as she ran for her dear life!
Hellen was also very protective of her siblings, and was ready to defend even her brothers from bullies in school. She was also a very curious child, with an investigative mind, and it is no wonder that she loved the sciences. She would collect plants and analyse their anatomy as she sought for explanations. She would also capture small lizards that were racing on the wall outside the house, just to be able to draw their anatomy.
Hellen attended various Primary schools, since her father was a civil servant whose work saw him move stations frequently. The family would sometimes move with him, or stay at the family home in Lugulu, Bungoma County.
Hellen attended Sipala Primary School, Lugulu Primary School, Goan School Kisumu, Kakamega Primary School, and Lugulu Boarding School, for her Primary education between 1964 and 1971. She proceeded to The Kenya High School in 1972 for both her ‘O’ Level and ‘A’ Level education, which she completed in 1977. She held leadership positions including being a sub-prefect and House games captain.
After her High School studies, Hellen had a brief stint in the banking industry before joining the Kenya Science Teachers College to train as a Science teacher from 1978 to 1981.
Later, she pursued a degree at the Kenyatta University between 2000 and 2003, and graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Botany and Zoology.

Hellen got married to Mr. Enos Herbert Holi on 8th August 1984 at a colourful wedding that was held at Lugulu Girls High School, and conducted by the Friends Church, Lugulu. Their marriage was blessed with four children, Eric Maikuma Holi, Michelle Nanjekho Holi, Doreen Nambo Holi, and Janet Khasandi Holi.
Hellen loved her family, and cared for them. Her family was high priority in her life, and she was very protective of them. She was truly the pillar of her home.
Mrs. Hellen Holi’s teaching career which began in 1982 saw her teach in a number of schools including Lugulu Girls High school, St. Joseph’s Kocholia, Friends Secondary school Matulo, and The Kenya High School, from where she retired in 2019. She initially taught Chemistry and Biology, and later specializing in Biology. Her longest teaching stint was at The Kenya High School where she taught Biology for 26 years. She was also a Nairobi District trainer of Strengthening of Mathematics and Science in Secondary Education (SMASSE) project.
Hellen was an excellent Biology teacher. Many of her students excelled in the subject and proceeded to pursue Medicine and other Science based programs at University level. The Kenya High School posted the best KCSE Biology results in 1998 and 2000. They also posted the second best KCSE Biology results in 1996, 1997, and 1999.
At the Kenya High School, Hellen was also engaged with a number of clubs at the school. She was the Founder Patron and Coordinator of the German Exchange Programme between The Kenya High School/Lenana School, and the Recklinghausen school in Germany. She was the Co-ordinator of the Eco- School Project, and Patron of the Environmental Club. Hellen was also Patron of the Hockey Club and team, as well as Patron of the Interact Club of Kenya High School. Indeed, she was a true mentor of the young people.
Hellen was an ardent sports lady, both In High School and College. She actively participated in hockey, athletics, and swimming. She was part of the Kenya High School and KSTC hockey teams, and also ran the 400 metres and 400 metres hurdles races, where she won awards at school and college national championships in athletics and hockey. Her school hockey team represented Kenya at the Inter-School Hockey Championships in Bedfordshire, Britain, in 1977.
Hellen was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2010, which later extended to the lungs. She underwent various treatments both in various hospitals in Nairobi, and in India. She did quite well for a number of years, until the last couple of years or so when her hospital visits increased.

She bore the illness with great courage, and counseled many cancer warriors that she would come across. She always shared her story with them, and they would be encouraged. Hellen never wanted to be preoccupied with her illness, and so she went about her normal business, with great confidence. Her trust in God, her positive attitude, and her will to live, played a significant role in extending her years as she received treatment. She was a true warrior, who fought to the end, and so on the night of 18th November, 2021, at Coptic Hospital Nairobi where she had been admitted a couple of days earlier, she quietly slipped into God’s eternal presence. She had fought the good fight, and had run the race. She was in God’s presence, no longer in pain.
Hellen’s family would like to sincerely thank all her family, friends, relatives, coworkers, church mates, and all of you, for your tremendous support in prayer, encouragement, visits, and selfless giving, during her eleven year journey of illness.
Her family would also like to greatly appreciate the entire community of the Kenya High school, for standing with Mrs. Holi over the years, and in so many ways. Indeed her school was her family.
The family expresses their sincere gratitude to Parklands Baptist Church for the great support in prayers, home visits, and finances, and for conducting Hellen’s funeral service. Much appreciation also to the Friends Church, Ngong Road, where most fundraiser planning meetings were held over the years Hellen was ailing.
The family also wishes to sincerely thank the Medical Fundraising Committee, as well as the Funeral Committee under the leadership of John Mikisi and Davis Mutali, that has walked with Hellen for the entire period she was ailing.
Hellen’s family would also like to express their sincere appreciation to the various doctors, nurses, and staff at Aga Khan Hospital, MP Shah Hospital, Nairobi Hospital, Nairobi Women’s Hospital, the Coptic Hospital, and India, who worked tirelessly and lovingly to take care of Hellen.
There are many other individuals and groups who have stood with Hellen during this tough journey. We may not know all of you, but god does. May He reward you, and bless you indeed. Please accept our very sincere appreciation.
Above all, we give thanks, glory and honor to the Lord God Almighty, who held Hellen’s hand, filled her with courage, and never left her alone. Indeed she is now resting in his presence.