Our Online Memorials offer a number of special features to help you memorialize a loved one.
Please review some of them below.


Share Your Memories

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Share stories, tributes, photos, music and videos celebrating life of a family member or friend who passed away.


Personalize Your Memorial

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Select one of dozens available designs, personalize URL, privacy settings and features available to visitors.


Invite And Collaborate

Invite family, friends, colleagues to contribute to the website. Online memorial allows multiple guests to contribute. It is a great way to support one another in a difficult time.


Control Your Privacy

We offer multiple privacy and notification options. Choose to allow access only to selected guests, keep the memorial completely private, or enable everyone to view and contribute. Premium memorials include access control settings for individual guests, allowing you to review their activity, change access and notification preferences.


Always accessible Always online

Because the memorial website is web-based, you and your guests have instant access to it wherever they are in the world. Come back, read, and share memories from anywhere, any time. We take great care to keep all the information safe and secure. And are committed to preserving all the content for future generations to come.


Choose Your Theme

Choose one of our available designs and start adding content to your Online Memorial in minutes.


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Bring all the warm memories of your loved one together in a Memorial Website