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Anne Mwangi

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"Let the memory of Anne Mwangi be with us forever "

  • 65 Years Old
  • Born on Monday, December 23 1957 in Kenya
  • Passed away on Sunday, January 01 2023 in Nairobi

Eulogy of Anne Nyambura Mwangi 


Early Life

Ann was born on the 23rd of December 1957 to the late Javan Ngethe Mbichi and the late Harriet Waithera Javan in Waguthu sub-location, Kiambaa Division, Kiambu County. She was the 9thborn in a family of ten. Her siblings are the late John Mbichi, Elizabeth Wanjiru Sapuro, Alice Wairimu Kamau, the late Fidelis Njeri Kiguta, Florence Wambui Muchai, Joseph Njau Ngethe, Hannah Wanjiku Ngai, Christopher Njoroge, and Magdalene Ngoiri Githii.  She was the sister-in-law to Elizabeth Mbichi, the late William Sapuro, Stephen Njoroge Kamau, Stanley Kiguta, the late Peter Muchai, Teresia Njau, James Ngai, Mary Wambui, and John Muthua. 

She was raised in a strong Christian family where she was taught the value of integrity, obedience, hard work, humility, generosity, compassion, and empathy for all. 


Ann went to Loreto Primary School in Kiambu and finished her primary school education in 1974. She joined Kiarithaini Secondary School in Karatina and sat her fourth-form exams in 1978. Later, she joined a secretarial college and, upon graduation, was employed by Navin Shah where she worked for several years. 

Ann was exemplary.  Excellence and high standards defined everything that she engaged in. 

Marriage and Family Life

 Ann met and fell in love with the apple of her eye, the Late Hon Francis Thuo Mwangi and thereafter they solemnized their union under Kikuyu customary law. They enjoyed their union for several decades until the untimely demise of Francis. Theirs was a union defined by a very beautiful friendship, respect, and sincere love.  They shared countless moments of joy, laughter, and priceless companionship. They were blessed with four children -Waithera Mwangi ( CEO Founder and CEO Ithira, Sarit Centre); Fredrick Thuo Mwangi ( Frecam  Entreprises),  Timothy Ng’ethe Mwangi ( Simovvin Ltd), and Lucy Njeri Mwangi ( Lucy Mwangi Artworks).  They were also blessed with one grandchild, Jesse Tnsae Mwangi Ng’ethe.

Ann’s whole life and work revolved around the life of her family.  Her love for her family was such that she could lay her life down for them. Those who knew Ann well, also knew of her children as she was full of praise for who they had become or were becoming. She loved them unconditionally without spoiling them. She prayed for them fervently. Her children will always remember her for her big heart, wisdom, leadership, gentle mien, and guidance in all. 

A Warrior of Christ

Ann’s spiritual journey and legacy trace their foundation to the Riara Catholic Church where she was baptized at a young age. She would subsequently join the Baptist church upon marriage and later the Citam Woodley where she immersed herself fully as a devout Christian. She led an active life both in Bible study and as well a mentor to many.

 Ann was a deeply God-fearing woman who served Christ all her life with grace and humility.  Her faith was unshakeable and rooted in both word and practice as a true Christian Warrior. She built a strong fellowship and did her devotion religiously at 5 a.m. every day.  She inculcated strong Christian virtues in all her children and brought them up as devout Christians.  Ann loved people greatly and took on the financial burdens of many as well as huge responsibilities for school fees and other needs for the needy and less privileged. 

`An Astute BusinessWoman

Ann, a most dynamic and visionary entrepreneur, would soon get restless with the employment life early in her career. She left her employment to establish her own business in the name and style of Frecam Enterprises which she led with a huge vision, her usual tenacity, and resilience. 

Ann was an incredible networker who leveraged many opportunities she came across for the benefit of her family, networks, and business partners. There was no project that was too big for her huge vision. She could quickly mobilize friends and acquaintances, organizing them into formidable vehicles through which investments were made in real estate, land banking, travel, and logistics. Ann understood the power of leverage- women organized as groups to raise capital and access huge opportunities hitherto inaccessible to women. She was a loyal member of various women's development groups. 

Ann’s self-drive, relentless work ethic, and extraordinary business acumen were outstanding and light years ahead of her generation.  She had excellent people skills and relationship management for all walks of life which created her web of diverse friendships and circles.  She surrounded herself with great friends and professionals whom she mentored into business partners while seeking their complementary skills to supplement her own. 

 Ann the Empath and Giver

Ann had a heart of gold. She was merciful, empathetic, generous, helpful, humble and an incredible carer for all especially the underprivileged, animals alike. From an early age, she loved and cared for her siblings always seeking them out, and helping them in all ways that she could. 

Ann was a people person. She kept and nurtured long friendships. She was a peacemaker, initiator, and a selfless soul full of humor. She loved to travel and was young at heart. She touched many hearts with her acts of generosity, empathetic spirit, active listening, and problem-solving abilities. 

What we shall miss her most for…

Ann was a kind and selfless woman of God. She was an excellent mother to her children and many others that she took on under her wings. She loved and adored her siblings and leaves a huge gap in the family. She was a friend and mentor to many and positively impacted the lives of many. She initiated and led many women's groups and business ventures and likewise, her leadership will be missed immensely. 

Her Illness                                    

Ann lived a fairly healthy life but in 2021, she was taken ill. She sought medical help in various hospitals including the Nairobi Hospital, the Agha Khan, Mater Hospital, and M.P. Shah.  She was eventually diagnosed with cancer and started treatment. In December 2022, her health deteriorated and, on the 1st of January 2023, at 6.10 p.m., she went to be with the Lord.

Ann has fought the good fight. She has finished the race. She kept the Faith. We are all better off for having known her. She will live in our memories and our hearts forever.

 Go thee well our awesome mum, sister, aunt, friend, grandma, and woman of God. 

In God’s Hands, you rest. In our hearts, you remain forever.


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